A unified solution to accelerate your R&D efforts

Revolutionise the way you innovate with Polymerize Labs.


Let the AI Engine do the hard work

Our AI Engine scales with you, learns with you and is designed in a way to become your trusted partner.

AI Engine

Optimise your experiments

Predict formulations and materials properties ahead of experiments to optimise your experiment approach, structure, and timeline.


Uncover hidden insights

Discover deeper insights on materials properties and formulations with automation and inbuilt analytical tools.

Accelerate your product development

Take your product to market faster than ever with our digitalized workflows.

Track your progress easily

Gain complete visibility into every step of your development process through our integrated workflows.


Collaborate more effectively

Spend more time coordinating with your team and less time gathering necessary documents with our unified platform.


Manage your data with ease

Organise, manage and visualise all your data in minutes.



from any existing sources


Search & Access

from any existing sources


Data Security

enterprise-grade security for all your data and results

R&D is expensive

We can help you save.

Save up to 3X the research time and save up to 50% R&D costs.

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