About Us

Polymerize is bringing the materials companies closer to AI led materials innovations and digital transformation. We are on a mission to be at the forefront of material innovation for our customers. Through our suite of products, we are building the much-needed data infrastructure for chemical companies to become AI-ready in the near future. Based out of Singapore, we are a fast-growing company at the cross section of materials and technology.

How we accelerate development for our customers

Materials informatics platform with proprietary algorithms use domain guided approach to solve some of the hardest problems in finding the right compositions, desired properties and the optimised processing conditions to meet our customers' needs at scale. We combine our decades of R&D expertise in materials development with AI so that companies can reduce the development iterations and deliver products to market at speed; saving on time, labour and cost. We are a customer first organization and to meet the growing demands of our customers, we constantly work on our internal R&D, collaborate with universities and research institutes and keep ourselves abreast with the latest developments in the field of materials science. We are in constant pursuit to bring more value to our customers and improve their experience.

Our believers

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