Develop new high performance materials faster than ever.

Our materials informatics platform helps you manage data, find the perfect formulations, identify right experiments and take informed and calculated data-driven decisions,
saving 3X time and up to 50% R&D costs.

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We share our expertise with

Streamlined R&D

Create and manage formulation work orders with high traceability of the development process and automated data collection on our informatics platform.

Market Intelligence

React faster to market demands and build future product pipelines by receiving early industry trends.

Advanced AI

Our proprietary machine learning models are optimized to enable cost savings of up to 50% and reduce development timelines by 1/3rd of the conventional trial and error methods.

Data Analytics

Our deep analytics unlocks hidden insights on material properties and formulations, and recommends efficient compositions for future product developments.

A platform designed to scale with you

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AI Recommendations

Our AI engine scales with you, learns with you and is designed in a way to become your partner. Our proprietary machine learning algorithms can

  • Deliver highly accurate experiment recommendations to you,

  • Reducing the number of experiments you need to run to meet your objectives.

Let the AI engine do the hard work!

Data Management

Organize, manage and visualize all your data in minutes. Our data integration application makes it possible for you to integrate from any existing sources. We take utmost care in ensuring the integrity and security of the data. Once ingested,

  • All your data becomes accessible,

  • Searchable

  • And collaborative in real-time to your geographically distributed teams.

More power to your team!

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Digitalized Workflows

Our integrated workflows will accelerate your product development by providing a detailed view of every step of development with

  • Team collaboration,

  • Engagement,

  • Recommendation

  • And analytics.

You will never lose track of what's going on. Take your products to market faster than ever!