Accelerating Research With Predictions to Outperform Mechanical Performances in Elastomer-Sealing Products

The customer is an industry pioneer in the elastomer-sealing products space. Prior to engaging with Polymerize, they had been searching for an artificial intelligence solution to address their need to continue new product development while minimizing trial-and-error. Their goals consist of ensuring maximum accuracy by using optimal combinations and concentrations of its ingredients, thereby securing high efficacy and quality formulations.
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Company Profile

  • Number of employees: 1000+
  • Industry: Seal Manufacturing, Elastomers
  • Location: Japan, USA
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Key Results

  • Cutting down trial-and-error-based experimental efforts by 50%
  • Providing key insights into optimal combinations and concentrations of ingredients to be utilized for future product development
  • Significantly improved mechanical performance of the end product
Claris Chin

Claris Chin

Materials Engineer, Polymerize